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A fully integrated and diversified brokerage covering UK, Europe, UAE and the CIS Countries.

Wescom Commercial Brokers provide investment capital, trading and development solutions for global businesses with particular focus on yachts brokerage, commercial and residential property, as well as golf and leisure.


Wescom Commercial Brokers are international Ship & Yacht Brokers, marketing and selling a wide range of boats and ships (recreational, commercial, new, used) to a broad, global audience. Our dedicated international teams are strategically located around the world and utilise modern communication strategies, as well as a vast network of industry associates. Whether buying or selling, our team will be able to find the perfect solution.


Wescom Commercial Brokers is more than a brokering service; our experienced and dedicated team can help you find the most suitable solution for your business. Not all Commercial Property agreements are the same, so it is important to explore all options available and ensure you get the best property solution with the right terms and conditions to suit you and your business.

Whether you are looking for a short or long term solution, large or small premises, the team at Wescom Commercial Brokers will guide you through the entire process from the searching for premises to final occupation.

We will help you find the available properties in your search area, negotiate your contract and terms and conditions, and advise your business throughout the process.

Wescom Commercial Brokers can also help sourcing other important services–– such as dilapidation advice and support, IT and Telecom Providers, Fit Out agencies, commercial energy suppliers and many others.


Wescom Commercial Brokers works closely with its associated companies and partners in the United Kingdom, specialising in the golf and leisure industry. The experience we have acquired in this domain ensures that our global team will scout the perfect leisure centres and stand-alone golf clubs for your business.


Wescom Commercial Brokers also offers corporate and personal assistance in the UAE. Our dedicated team can provide support in company formation and registration, setting up bank accounts, whether business or personal, as well as obtaining residential status, depending on your requirements.


Our brokerage commission rates are extremely competitive and we offer a variety of listing services to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service and complete satisfaction.

Wescom Commercial Brokers is headed by a leadership team with many years of cross-sector experience. The business is supported by highly experienced partners worldwide lending their world class expertise and capabilities.